Manufacture of overhead cranes

Our company specializes in the production of overhead cranes. 

Below are some examples that are most often used in practice. Of course, due to the individual design, the products are not limited only to the presented areas. The only limit is your imagination…

Advantages of our overhead cranes:

Asset 14000 px

High reliability of use

  • Installation of redundant key systems: Appropriate selection of built-in components according to the working conditions and requirements of the production process
  • Installation of the control system on the Siemens platform
  • Installation of redundant key systems - frequency converters, lifting motors...
  • Installation of air conditioners for temperatures up to 85°C

Asset 44000 px

Long lifespan

  • Robust construction
  • Own production of lifting and traveling reducers with welded housing
  • Installation of components suitable for any work environment

Asset 34000 px

High security for the user

  • Safety brakes
  • Anti-collision systems
  • Avoidance zone programming

Asset 24000 px

Simple maintenance

  • Elevator diagnostics with visualization
  • Accessible platforms to all key cities
  • Installation of components at the customer's request
  • Construction of the crane cabin according to the client's needs

Process cranes for the steel industry

Elevators in the iron and steel industry are mostly subjected to extreme conditions of use. 

At high temperatures in a dusty and poorly transparent environment, work with heavy loads is expected with maximum safety for the user and maximum operational efficiency.

Individually designed and manufactured elevators adapted to the user’s needs prove themselves in this area. For the steel industry, we mainly offer:

  • Foundry elevators
  • Elevators with magnetic grippers for transferring billets or sheets
  • Lifts with tongs for the transfer of billets
  • Elevators with vacuum grippers for transferring stainless material

Process cranes for material warehouses

When it comes to storage, elevators are expected above all to handle the material as quickly as possible and help with the best possible use of space. 

In this area, we offer individually designed and manufactured elevators adapted to the user’s needs. For operation in warehouses, we most often offer:

  • Elevators with magnets for transferring profiles or sheets
  • Elevators with vacuum grippers for transferring stainless materials
  • Lifts with C-hooks for transferring reels
  • Elevators with package grippers
  • Lifts with traverses

Process cranes for landfills

Elevators at landfills handle bulk or loose loads. 

Unlike other lifts, the challenge here is primarily in the load conditions. Unforeseen forces occur due to pulling out the load, oblique pulling forces, and user intervention is not possible when attaching the load. The following are mainly used for such purposes:

  • Elevators with magnets
  • Lifts with grapples

Special cranes

In case of special needs, the elevators can be completely adapted to customers. 

Depending on the individual approach, we can also offer implementations that are not in the basic categories, but must nevertheless be distinguished by the usability and reliability of other products. This is how we also produce:

  • Gantry lifts
  • Dock lifts
  • Elevators operating within automated lines

And of course many others that customers with specific needs need.