Inspections and servicing of overhead cranes

Despite the fact that the production of new cranes has become the primary activity of the company, we still remain faithful to our roots, which are in services activities.

Therefore, we regularly perform: 


Cranes are equipment that must be regularly inspected by occupational work safety experts in accordance with the user’s internal documentation, but at least every 3 years. 

These inspections are carried out by companies that specialize in occupational work safety.

However, this is not enough for safe and reliable work with the crane. To ensure that, daily, weekly, monthly and periodic inspections are required. Many users perform such inspections themselves, but many companies, which are aiming for maximal possible production reliability often want an inspection performed by a crane specialist.

We carry out such inspections in accordance with the agreement with the client. We most often perform: 

  • Monthly reviews
  • Three-month reviews
  • Annual inspections
  • Extraordinary one-off reviews


Like any machine, cranes are subject to failures that happen suddenly and cannot be predicted in advance. 

These are mostly minor failures in the electrical equipment, but the mechanical hardware is also not immune to failure.

We do our best to eliminate defects in the shortest possible time, so that the crane standstill and thus the production limitation is eliminated in the shortest possible time.


The assembly team primarily performs the erection of cranes of our own production. 

Nevertheless, expertise in this field is often useful elsewhere as similar requirements arise as for cranes.

We participate a lot in the assembly of hydromechanical equipment and many special mechanisms that customers use specifically for their work process.