About us

The beginnings of the company Metalna-SRM date back to 1995, when the company took over the service business of the former company Metalna.

In the newly established company, we combined the knowledge and experience of individuals from various fields and offered the owners of Metalna cranes a unified service for all cranes manufactured by the former Metalna.

With the employment of new employees and the acquisition of new knowledge, we soon began to renew existing cranes, prepare completely new projects and install modern components.

In  2000,  we  expanded  our  activity  to  the  production  of  new individually  designed  cranes  for  operation  in  difficult  working conditions and also on the production of various steel structures and   machine   parts   according   to   our   own   or   the   client’s documentation.

With  the  expansion  of  production activities,  we also gradually increased workshop capacity, so that in 2014 we increased business and  production capacity to  5,784 m2.

In the years 2011 to 2019, we have almost completely renewed equipment for machining.

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